Yukon Liquor Corporation


Social responsibility

Enforcement Actions – Suspensions

Liquor licensees, servers, managers and all staff are responsible for operating their establishments in accordance with the Liquor Act, its Regulations, and related policies.  Yukon Liquor Corporation uses a combination of training, education, dialogue, inspection, and enforcement to ensure that these provisions are being met by the licensees.

Licence suspensions, vary according to the specifics of each investigation case. An inspector or member of the R.C.M.P. can suspend for not more than 14 days. The President of YLC can suspend for not more than 12 months. Please see offence - penalty guidelines Yukon Liquor Board policy Tab #15 for more information. http://www.ylc.yk.ca/pdf/Yukon_Liquor_Board_Policy_Manual_Nov_17_Update_final.pdf)

Suspensions Served: