Yukon Liquor Corporation


YLC Resources

About the Corporation

Where We're Going -- Our Vision

Liquor products are enjoyed in a safe, legal and socially responsible manner.

What We Do -- Our Mission

Yukon Liquor Corporation is responsible for the purchase, distribution, and responsible sale of liquor products in the Yukon.  Our primary responsibilities are:

  • to purchase a range of liquor products and make them available to consumers
  • to regulate the sale and consumption of liquor products

How We Will Get There -- Our Strategic Goals

  • Deliver customer service excellence to all our retail and commercial clientele.
  • Reduce alcohol related harm to the public through regulation, education and enforcement, and encourage a culture of moderation and social responsibility.
  • Sustain net profitability to the Government of Yukon through responsible liquor sales.
  • Attract, develop and engage talented people to continue to provide high quality service to the public.
  • Practice open, accountable and fiscally responsible government.

What We Believe -- Our Values

As a government agency and employer, we strive to:

  • Actively engage staff and customers, supporting and encouraging actions that are fair, and consistent with promoting a respectful workplace and business practices.
  • Inform customers and staff, and involve them in, the issues and decisions of the Yukon Liquor Corporation, using a participative and collaborative, effective management style of leadership.
  • Provide the utmost of excellence in service standards to customers and clients.