Yukon Liquor Corporation

Yukon Liquor Corporation

Personal Import Limits

How much liquor can I bring back to the Yukon?

Every trip, you can bring back on your person and for your personal use and consumption only, up to the following maximums:

9 litres of wine (= 12 x 750 ml bottles), OR
3 litres of spirits (= 4 x 750 ml bottles), OR
24.55 litres of beer (= 3 cases of 24 x 341 ml bottles).

There is no limit on the number of trips that you can make. The liquor must accompany you, and must not be shipped separately, through a courier or other shipping method.

It is illegal for you to order liquor directly. Doing so could result in a $200 fine, or being charged with an offence under the Liquor Act with a higher penalty. (Recent changes proposed to federal legislation do not affect these rules.) Use YLC’s Special Order Service instead.