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When do you need a permit? 

You require a Special Occasion Permit to sell liquor at an event in any location other than a licensed premises providing liquor service under an existing licence. As the name suggests, a Special Occasion Permit ( 124KB)  is for special events such as charitable fund-raisers and community festivals. Permits are intended for occasional use only, not as a profit making business.

You require a Reception Permit ( 110KB) if you intend to serve liquor at an event in any location other than a licensed establishment or a private residence. Therefore, you require a Reception Permit if you intend to serve alcohol at an event in a place that is generally open to the public, even if it is not open to the public at the time of the event; for example a Christmas Party at a business office or show opening at an art gallery.

Reception Permits are for special events such as weddings, receptions and business-after hours where liquor is not being sold and no admission is charged.

To help you plan for liquor service at your special event, the Yukon Liquor Corporation has published Hosting an Event ( 340KB). In this brochure you will find answers to your questions about many items relating to liquor service issues. This publication is also available in French - Planification de la fête ( 496KB).

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