Yukon Liquor Corporation


Social responsibility

Purchasing and Distribution

The Purchasing and Distribution Branch provides service to the public and to licensees by:

  • Operating a Central Warehouse facility in Whitehorse, open to licensees and permittees. It provides a 24 hour turnaround time on licensee orders. This is where all products coming into the Yukon are received, re-packed as required, and sent to the various liquor stores or licensees.
    Central Warehouse
    9031 Quartz Road
    Whitehorse, Yukon
    (867) 667-8858
    Dave Bendera, Warehouse Supervisor
    email: dave.bendera@gov.yk.ca
  • Purchasing beverage alcohol products in response to evolving consumer demand;
  • Placing special orders on behalf of licence-holders and individuals;
  • Organising wine and beer tasting festivals with service clubs and industry representatives; and
  • Supporting and encouraging recycling by participating in the beverage container deposit and refund system.
  • Order Form (YG2485) ( 114KB) for products currently carried 
  • Special Order Form (YG5356) ( 93KB) for products not currently carried
  • New Product Suggestion (YG5388) ( 88KB) Looking for something we don’t carry?  We’ll be glad to special-order it for you - minimum of one case.
  • Listing Application (YG5357) ( 125KB)