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All liquor manufacturers in Canada must be licensed by the Canada Revenue Agency under Canada's Excise Act (beer) or Excise Act 2001 (wines and spirits), which generally deal with the process of manufacturing liquor.

Liquor manufacturers must also meet the requirements of the Consumer Packaging and Food Labelling Act and other legislation related to liquor, including Canada's Importation of Intoxicating Liquors Act and the Spirit Drinks Trade Act.

Health & safety and quality control issues related to liquor manufacturing are addressed in Canada's Food & Drug Act and under policies established by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), specifically, under CFIA's General Principles of Food Hygiene Code of Practice.

These outline a manufacturer's requirements for controlling product formulation, process design, ingredients, packaging, product preparation and blending, verification of product safety (testing), equipment, premises, pest control, sanitation, water/ice/steam quality, storage, transportation, record keeping, complaints and recalls, employee training and hygiene, among other related issues.

For further information on Government of Canada regulatory requirements, contact them at:


Canada Revenue Agency  


Canadian Food Inspection Agency  

http://www.inspection.gc.ca/food/labelling/food-labelling-for industry/alcohol/eng/1392909001375/1392909133296


All Yukon liquor manufacturers need a Liquor Manufacturer's Licence.

Your other permits and approvals do not need to be finalized before you apply; however, you should have applied for them.  Your liquor licence, if approved by the Yukon Liquor Board, will not come into effect until all of your other permits and approvals are in place.

You need a separate licence for each liquor product category you are manufacturing:  wines, spirits or beer. Each licence costs $200 per year. If you plan to sell Yukon-manufactured products directly to the public from your own manufacturing facility, apply for a Liquor Manufacturer's Retail Licence ($150).

To sell Yukon-manufactured liquor products to other jurisdictions, only your Liquor Manufacturer's Licence is required. No additional licence is required to sell your products through the Yukon Liquor Corporation. To apply to do so, contact our Purchasing & Distribution Branch.

For Licence information and applications, contact our Licensing & Inspections Branch.

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Yukon Liquor Act


1        "liquor manufacturer" means a manufacturer of beer, spirits or wine;

Powers of the Corporation

8        (1) Subject to this Act and the regulations. the corporation has the sole power and jurisdiction to

                 (d) control the sale, advertising, storage, manufacture, distribution, transport and delivery of liquor;

                  (j) determine the liquor purchase records to be kept by licensees;

                  (l) control and regulate the business activities of agents, representatives and employees of liquor manufacturers and distributors;

Authority of licence

24        (2) A licence issued pursuant to paragraph 23(j) (liquor manufacturer's licences) authorizes the licensee to manufacture the liquor mentioned in the licence and to sell it subject to the terms and conditions set out in the licence.

            (3) A licence issued pursuant to paragraph 23(k) (liquor manufacturer's retail licences), authorizes the licensee to sell the liquor specified in the licence, subject to the terms and conditions set out in the licence.

Yukon Liquor Regulations

Liquor Manufacturers

36.3     (3) A liquor manufacturer's licence authorizes the holder to manufacture the liquor specified in the licence subject to the terms and conditions stated in the licence.

            (4)  The holder of a liquor manufacturer's licence may, in accordance with the terms and conditions of their licence and without requiring any fee, provide a sample of liquor to a person located within their licensed premises for consumption within that premises.

            (5) Where a holder of a liquor manufacturer's licence also holds a licence issued under paragraphs 23 (a) or (b) of the Act, the corporation may purchase liquor from and resell liquor to the licence holder without taking delivery of the liquor at any time during the transaction.

            (6) The holder of a liquor manufacturer's licence may export liquor manufactured pursuant to the licence from the Yukon without selling it to the corporation.

            (7) The holder of a liquor manufacturer's licence may possess any quantity of the liquor manufactured pursuant to the licence.

            (8) The holder of a liquor manufacturer's licence shall submit the following to the corporation, on demand:

                    a) all records showing particulars of raw materials purchased and used in the production of liquor;

                    b) all financial production records;

                    c) any other information or reports requested by the corporation;

            9)  The holder of a liquor manufacturer's licence shall deliver to the corporation copies of all customs and excise reports with respect to the production of liquor forthwith after submitting them to Revenue Canada.

            (10) The holder of a liquor manufacturer's licence shall pay to the corporation on demand all mark-up and liquor tax revenue with respect to liquor that the corporation has purchased from and sold to the holder of the liquor manufacturer's licence pursuant to subsection (5).

            (11) For the purposes of subsection (10) "liquor tax revenue" has the same meaning as in the Liquor Tax Act, and "mark-up" means the dollar levy on liquor as established by the corporation.

            (12) The Board shall specify in a liquor manufacturer's retail licence the hours during which liquor may be sold on the licensed premises.

            (13) The hours specified under subsection (12) must be between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m. on the following day.

Manufacturers' Agents

41            (1)  Every manufacturer of liquor or agent of such manufacturer and any firm from whom liquor is purchased for sale in the Territory shall provide the president with the names and addresses of their authorized agents whether engaged on a salary, fee or commission basis, or a combination of these and the listing of such agents shall be kept up to date with any additions or deletions promptly notified to the president.

                (2)  On approval of an application on a form published or provided by the president, the agent will be registered, provided with an identification card and the manufacturer is advised that the proposed representative has been duly accredited.

Manufacturers' licences

56     (1)  The fee for a liquor manufacturer's licence for a brewery, winery or distillery is $200.00.

         (2)  The fee for a liquor manufacturer's retail licence is

                a) $150.00 in the case of a brewery or winery; and

                b) $150.00, in the case of a distillery.

Yukon Liquor Board Policy

Title:  LIQUOR TASTING/SAMPLING                     TAB 16

 Issue: Consumer tastings are allowed in all licensed premises 
 Authority: Liquor Act (Yukon) sec. 8(1)(m) and 8(2) Reg. 36.03(4)
 Background:  None

These tastings may be advertised by licensees without YLC approval.

The holder of a liquor manufacturer's licence may, as a condition on the licence, offer samples free of charge to a person at least 19 years of age located within their licensed premises for consumption within that premises.

The maximum sample sizes for liquor manufacturer's licence (licence condition) shall be:

Beer, cider, cooler ..... 2 oz.

Wine ........................ 2 oz.

Spirits ...................... 1/2 oz.

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