Yukon Liquor Corporation

Yukon Liquor Corporation

Canadian Wines

I tried a great wine when I was at a winery in BC. Can I bring some home with me, and how can I buy this wine here?

Yes, you can bring home up to a case of wine with you (on your person, and for your personal use and consumption). The liquor must accompany you, and must not be shipped separately, through a courier or other shipping method. See our Personal Import Limits page for more information. 

You can also check our Products & Prices page - YLC carries approximately 50 Canadian VQA wines from BC.

If we don’t have the wine you want, use our Special Order Service. There is no limit on the number of Special Orders you can make, as long as the wine is for your personal use and consumption.

It is illegal for you to order the wine directly from the winery. Doing so could result in a $200 fine, or being charged with an offence under the Liquor Act with a higher penalty. (Recent changes proposed to federal legislation do not affect these rules.)   Use YLC’s Special Order Service instead.