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Criminal Record Check 700 KB (January 10, 2020)
This policy describes the content, format and timeframe for criminal record checks that are required under the Cannabis Licensing Regulation.

Eligibility to install video surveillance system 368 KB (Feb. 21, 2019)
This policy describes who is eligible to install a closed circuit television or similar video surveillance and recording system in a licensed premises.

Ordinarily Resident Criteria 584 KB (Feb. 21, 2019)
This policy describes what makes a person "ordinarily resident in Canada" under the Cannabis Control and Regulation Act.

Reporting 764 KB (Feb. 21, 2019)
This policy describes the reporting that each licensee must make to the Yukon Liquor Corporation as part of their licence requirements. Use appendix 1 to report the types of information that is required.

Secure Storage 47 KB (March 13, 2019)
This policy describes the requirements for the "secure" storage of cannabis within a cannabis retail store.

Video Surveillance Privacy 1,004 KB (Feb. 21, 2019)
This policy describes the minimum criteria that licensees must ensure are contained within their required video surveillance privacy policy.